Workshops and Talks

As always I am committed to creating connection to the Earth and her cycles of changing energy and to be open to the changes we can make that help us to live our lives in support of the Earth. My aim for all my talks, workshops and ceremonies is to create a loving, safe, supportive, inclusive community from which we can explore ourselves and our relationship with the Earth.

The biggest evolutionary shift we are called to make at this time is one of seeing ourselves as holistic human beings; part of the Earth, not separate from her; becoming ever-finely tuned to this interconnected web of life we are all connected to and influence by all that we say, think and do...

My workshops, talks and ceremonies are interactive and participatory. To varying degrees I use a variety of personal development techniques, ceremony, sacred craftwork, inner journeying, drumming, voice work, and working with the native plants and trees. These are to encourage an openness to what is alive in us in the moment. By creating new intentions and actions for healing, we affirm and bring positive change into our lives, our communities and into the world.

Currently, I am enjoying giving talks and co-creating workshops with other people whose heart-energy and experience I deeply value and trust. Increasingly I am working in Derbyshire, making the most of the beautiful land and resources of the Peak District.


Creating Ceremonies

A Celebrant Training Course in Derbyshire
with Glennie Kindred & Annie Keeling

In 2018 we are having a break from doing the course as my new book on native trees will be taking precedence this year... If you wish to provisionally apply for the Creating Ceremonies course in 2019, please get in touch via my contact form and I will send you an application form. We will send you a provisional acceptance and provisional dates, firming everything up nearer the time.


About the Course

This certificated but non-accredited 3-weekend course offers a good foundation for those who are wishing to learn how to create a variety of ceremonies indoors and outdoors, and to cover a wide range of possibilities and situations.

As well as learning how to create ceremony in all its many forms, our aim is for you to enjoy a nurturing, expansive weekend, to unlock your creativity, your imagination and your ability to be open to new experiences. It will enable you to craft deeply personal ceremonies that mark moments of significance or major life transitions, both for yourself and for others.

The course will also encourage self-development, personal reflection and self-assessment. We will focus on good practice, integrity, authenticity and personal responsibility throughout.

The course consists of 3 non-residential weekends plus suggested practical work in between the sessions.

Personal Ceremonies ~ both out on the land and indoors; grounding; different methods of creating sacred space; the 5 Elements; the elements of ritual; beginnings, middles and ending a ceremony; the power of intention; dedications; Blessing; creating shrines and altars; rites of passage; space clearing, indoor and outdoor; making sacred crafts/talismans and tools; laying the foundations for good personal practice.

Informal Community Celebrations ~ the Wheel of the Year and the Earth festivals; commemorations (community gardens; trees; benches etc); pre-planning /spontaneity; beginnings, middles and endings of community ceremonies; inclusivity; participation; using the voice; outdoor/indoor celebrations; public spaces; holding and shaping the event, creating sacred space with groups, including children; hearing; comfort; mobility/accesibilty.

More Formal Public Ceremonies ~ such as blessingways, births, baby namings, marriages/handfastings, funerals, memorials, blessings; holding and shaping the event; responsibility; outdoor and indoor ceremonies; venues; props; creating ambience; support systems; setting up a celebrant business; using local resources; inclusivity/language; legalities.

Cost : The Creating Ceremonies course costs £695 in total (2017 prices, will likely change for 2019). This includes lunch and drinks. We offer 2 bursary places at a reduced cost of £575 per person for those on benefits or low income. If you wish to be considered for a bursary place please send in your application form as soon as possible with relevant details.

As well as attending all three weekends you need to have time, focus and commitment to complete
all coursework between training weekends.

The course is non-residential and you will need to make your own arrangements regarding
accommodation and travel. We have a list of local b & b's and campsites for anyone interested.
There is also the option of staying at Willersley Castle Hotel.

The course is limited to 18 people, so early booking is advisable.


Our Personal Statement

"We are looking for people with a spark of originality, a level of personal commitment and self-awareness, and who are willing to work to high standards of professionalism as celebrants.

We will be encouraging you to be bold, to try out new ideas, to work from your own individuality
as well as being able to work with others.

Together we will explore an open-hearted, all-inclusive sense of the sacred
throughout the course."

- Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling 2015


Celebrant's Directory

The Creating Ceremonies Course is designed for those who wish to understand how to create
effective ceremonies both for themselves and in their communities, as well as for those
who wish to make a career of it. For those who complete the course and go on to
become practicing celebrants I offer the opportunity to be part of a
Celebrants Directory, which you can find here in Links