Workshops and Talks

As always I am committed to creating connection to the Earth and her cycles of changing energy and to be open to the changes we can make that help us to live our lives in support of the Earth. My aim for all my talks, workshops and ceremonies is to create a loving, safe, supportive, inclusive community from which we can explore ourselves and our relationship with the Earth.

The biggest evolutionary shift we are called to make at this time is one of seeing ourselves as holistic human beings; part of the Earth, not separate from her; becoming ever-finely tuned to this interconnected web of life we are all connected to and influence by all that we say, think and do...

My workshops, talks and ceremonies are interactive and participatory. To varying degrees I use a variety of personal development techniques, ceremony, sacred craftwork, inner journeying, drumming, voice work, and working with the native plants and trees. These are to encourage an openness to what is alive in us in the moment. By creating new intentions and actions for healing, we affirm and bring positive change into our lives, our communities and into the world.

Currently, I am enjoying giving talks and co-creating workshops with other people whose heart-energy and experience I deeply value and trust. Increasingly I am working in Derbyshire, making the most of the beautiful land and resources of the Peak District.

Many of these are closed workshops for the groups that organise them, but if they are open then you will hear news of them via my newsletter - Sign up here.


Workshops and Talks 2019/2020

In 2019 my workshops and talks were based around my passion for trees and the wish to share inspiration from my new book Walking with Trees. I took groups of people into the woods to learn from the trees and woodland intelligence. These have been wonderful adventures of self discovery and expansion into heightened awareness of our inner abilities and Nature's wonderful interconnectivity.

Workshops and Talks for 2020 : ** dates and details soon **