The Tree Ogham

This hand written, illustrated book follows the Tree Ogham, an ancient Celtic system used by the Druids to encode their wisdom. It is presented as a journey with the trees and the book guides you through the process of collecting and making your own Ogham sticks from each of the 20 trees and shrubs that make up this ancient system. This encourages our direct involvement with each of the trees and shrubs and to learn from our own direct experiences.

There are many interpretations of the Tree Ogham, which can be used like the Runes for guidance. This book follows Glennie's own interpretation, which is intended as an aid to spiritual development and healing. The 20 Ogham fedha are understood through the underlying energy of each tree or shrub and the inherent wisdom and guidance offered by its own essential nature. It explores different ways of communicating with the trees to help us to deepen our relationship with them and to become more open to their wisdom.

The book is intended as a starting point for your own unique journey. Always you are encouraged to listen to your own intuition and interpretations and to communicate directly with the trees.

ISBN 0-9532227-2-1
First Published 1998


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"This is another of Glennie Kindred's superb handwritten and hand stitched books, written as a companion to 'The sacred tree'. This time Glennie explores the 20 trees of the Ogham - as recorded in the 14th century book of Ballymote - offering a practical way of linking with the trees themselves. She guides the reader through the process of making Ogham sticks, understanding the energy and spiritual guidance of each tree and shows ways to communicate with them as an aid to spiritual development and healing.

As every druid will know, trees are so in need of our support and interaction. This book offers, in the writers gentle and loving language, ways in which we can communicate and learn from our tree relatives and work with their energies. In her own words 'I make no claims that my interpretations are authentic to the Celtic tribes, only that they are relevant to today, and to those who are interested in spiritual development, healing and trees.' Her guidance is indeed relevant for today, and her illustrations, as always, an inspiration." - Madeline Johnson - Spirit Song magazine


"Following the Celtic system used to encode their wisdom, each of the 20 trees in the Ogham (pronounced oh-am) has a symbolic and divinational meaning. This fascinating text explores those meanings and encourages you to spend time with trees. Refreshingly different." - Eco Logic Books


"This is an excellent introduction to the Ogham and is a pleasure to look at. It has Glennie's usual 'Home-made, hand-illustrated' look. Very practical" - Druidnetwork


"This, the next of Glennie's books, and probably our best selling one, focuses on communication with trees. Using the Tree Ogham, a Celtic system developed by the Druids for encoding the wisdom of the trees, it aims to understand the underlying energy and spiritual guidance of each tree. It offers communication with trees as an aid to spiritual development and healing. All presented in Glennie's own beautifully illustrated, hand-written style." - Walnut Books