The Sacred Tree

This new revised edition is a deeply inspiring book for all those who love trees. It encourages our deeper involvement with trees both on the physical level and offers ways we can open our spiritual connection to trees and nature.

The book focuses on 13 native trees of the British Isles and their corresponding 13 moons and place on the wheel of the year's cycle. This is based on the authors understanding of their inherent energy and unique healing properties. This creates a tree circle, which can be planted and used as a sacred grove or celebration circle.

These are the native trees of the British Isles that our ancestors would have worked with and the book explores some of the myths and folklore surrounding these trees, as well as past and present uses of the wood and the herbal and culinary uses of their leaves, sap, fruit and bark.

Also there are suggested ways to communicate with tree spirits and the spiritual and healing qualities that each tree has to teach us.

Illustrated with line drawings of the leaves, flowers and fruit of each of the trees and also includes how to grow and plant trees.

ISBN 0-9532227-5-6
First Published 1995
Revised Edition 2003


Price £7.50 + £2.90 postage - UK ONLY. 56 pages.


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"From the author of Earths Cycle of Celebration comes this delightful book, 13 native trees with notes about their herbal properties, the uses of the timber, their spiritual qualities and the myths and legends that surround them. All in Glennie's own inimitable style. Refreshingly different and a Walnut Books' favourite." - Walnut Books


"As many of you will know from other books reviews we have written, we are big fans of Glennie's work. Her books are always beautifully presented and really accessible, making them easy to dip in and out of to find the sought after information.

The Sacred Tree is one of a set of five books Glennie has written about the Celtic wheel of the year, celebrations and tree medicine. This book looks at each of the trees which represent different points around the wheel of the year. It covers the particular qualities of each tree, and gives ideas on how to work with its energies to bring about inner healing and transformation, and how to work with the wood and its uses.

Looking at willow, which is the tree of Imbolc, we find that willow is really comfortable with its roots in the water, and is often found on river banks. This is a tree of emotion which teaches us the importance of allowing our emotions to flow, releasing any emotional blockages we have. It is also a tree which can help us connect with our intuition and dreams. Willow has remarkable healing qualities and can be used as a remedy for muscle aches and stiffness. The leaves can be used to help relieve colds and flu and can be chewed to help bleeding gums.

Glennie writes so concisely sharing many more insights into how willow can help us, and covers thirteen trees in total: yew, elder, birch, rowan, willow, alder, ash, hawthorn, oak, holly, hazel, apple and blackthorn.

Another book which compliments this one is The Tree Ogham, which explores these and other trees, walking us through the Ogham alphabet. We can thoroughly recommend this too, the two books work really well together." - Nicola - The Way of the Buzzard


"Beautiful little Book: This is a useful little guide to working with trees in Glennie's unique "handmade" looking style. If you are learning the Ogham you will need to buy Glennie's other little book on the subject of Ogham as this book does not go into Ogham meanings. Both books are inexpensive and worth having. A boon for Ovates!" - Diane J.


"Beautiful Resource for Pagans: Hand written and illustrated in dark green on a paler green background this small booklet is packed with practical and spiritual information on thirteen native British trees. "Long may our friendship with trees deepen" Glennie Kindred writes in her introduction. With this book to consult, learning to work with trees will be a pleasure." - Tempestas


"Stunning: Gorgeous work of art. So heartfelt. Anyone who loves either nature or art should give in & get this :-)" - Dubh