Elements Of Change

A physical and metaphysical guide to the transformational alchemy of each of the 5 Elements of Life: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

It encourages us to work with the energy of each element to create the changes we wish to make in our lives.

It includes many ideas for creating change, both from the inside and in our daily lives. As we change ourselves we change the world, as all things are connected.

Most of all it helps us to connect to our growing consciousness of Unity and the interconnected Web of Life.

It includes how to make and use your own set of Element Heart-Stones, with interpretations for each stone.

ISBN: 0-9532227-6-4
First Published 2007


Price £7.50 + £2.90 postage - UK ONLY. 60 pages.


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"This popular Glennie Kindred booklet explores in turn each of the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. It gives ways the reader can work with the energy of each element, and to use them to create change, inside and out. Kindred emphasises the importance of inter-connections through the web of life, and in no small part contributes to her popularity. As a practical exercise, she gives instructions on how to make and use your own set of Element Heart-Stones, and the booklet includes the meanings for interpretations." - Treadwells Bookshop London

"Just what I have been looking for: I love this little book, it gives you lots of lost information about our past celebrations. If you are spiritual and / or interested in the Celtic ways, I highly recommend you to read this and put the celebrations back into use again to help gain knowledge, understanding and respect for our earth and life as is. I love the illustrations and the way they have put together. Thank you Glennie for a truly inspired experience." - BB. Essex

"Another Glennie Masterpeice: I have been slowly collecting all of these beautiful booklets and this one does not disappoint. Fabulous illustrations and beautiful script. Another winner." - Helen Highwater