Earth Wisdom

A Heart-warming Mixture of the Spiritual, the Practical and the Proactive.

This inspirational guidebook encourages us to become more active in our relationship to the Earth and to become part of a growing global community of people prepared to bring positive change to the world. Its starting point is our natural affinity with Nature and the changing seasonal cycles that affect us all whether we are conscious of this or not.

Earth Wisdom encourages us to restore our own connections to the Earth, through working with the natural energy of the Earth's Cycles, through celebrating the Celtic festivals, by exploring the inherent wisdom of the trees, and the land, this book inspires us to become more engaged with the natural world around us. We are encouraged to broaden our perspectives, extend our perceptions and to embrace a more holistic and caring attitude to the Earth and all life.

The book covers each of the 8 Celtic festivals with lots of new ideas and suggestions for celebrating with family and friends as well as a further selection of ideas for deeper work. All the suggestions are simple but transformative and provide inspiration from which further ideas can grow. Throughout the book we are encouraged to follow our personal spirituality and intuitive wisdom.

Also included are trees for each festival, creating ceremony, our sacred landscape, detailed instructions for many seasonal craftwork activities, herbal and healing activities using natural resources and many seasonal ways to create personal change and connection to the Earth.

PUBLISHED BY HAY HOUSE UK, London First Published 2004 Second Edition 2006

Third Edition 2011

Also published and distributed by Hay House in the United States of America, Australia, the Republic of South Africa and distributed in Canada.


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I am writing this book with an awareness that our world is changing.

A new global consciousness is emerging and it is disrupting the old 'us and them' mentality that has, until now, supported a world held in conflict, fear and separation.

We are changing.

People all over the world, from different backgrounds, different cultures and different belief systems, are uniting in a new feeling, a sense of a global 'we'.

The 'we' consciousness is emerging out of our evolutionary needs. It is not being imposed upon us but is willingly being embraced, chosen and understood on a level that goes beyond words.

We feel a growing responsibility to help each other and to move closer together as one global family. Our hearts are open, generous and loving. We support life and each and everyone's basic right to happiness.

We are willing to serve the common good and protect the environment from further harm. Our expanding communication systems mean that we are no longer isolated or ignorant about what is happening around the world.

We are willing to trust our intuition and have the courage to follow our dreams and visions.

We are standing together, knowing our strength lies in this feeling of togetherness. We are choosing to take the path of the heart, the path of Love and goodwill. We are aware of the power inherent in all our acts of goodness.

Love is at the heart of all the worlds spiritual teachings. It is not a new idea, but the power of Love is on the move, gathering momentum, happiness and liberation, and inspiring a change of heart in the world.

This is our voyage of discovery, our delightful rebellion and our profoundly exhilarating act of adaptation. It is a potent evolutionary shift, having as much survival value and significance as any physical transformation.

I plant this book like a seed in the Earth. It is your seed, my seed, a seed of our future. May we grow strong and true.

Glennie Kindred 2004



"Glennie Kindred started publishing hand-sown booklets on Celtic festivals with her own subtle insights and beautiful black and white illustrations in the 1990s. As more people have begun to appreciate her work, her reputation has grown and Earth Wisdom marks a departure, as it is internationally published. It is a gathering of her work and includes material on Celtic festivals and their signifance to us now, how to design your own celebrations and ceremonies, the sacred and healing properties of trees and herbs, the Tree Ogham, wood crafts, sacred landscapes and reconnecting with the spirit of the land, even sacred gardening... It is full of folklore, insights, practical exercises, and meditations with much new material.

What I like best about this book is that it isn't about running away with the fairies, it is about rooting ourselves in our landscape and culture, using our herbs and the yields of our native trees with wisdom and respect and reconnecting ourselves with the Earth's cycles. It's full of ways of becoming in tune with nature and reversing the trend of disconnection and despoilment. This is spiritual activism - how we can practically translate our awareness of the stillness and beauty of Nature into a sense of Oneness with the planet and its people as a whole and act from that place. Glennie has identified a quiet but determined global movement of people of all races and creeds who honor the Earth and wish to make peace by taking positive actions in their everyday lives. Glennie celebrates this movement and helps open its potent yet inclusive door to others."
- Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture Magazine.


"Whilst not normally one for style over content, this book has a charm all of its own. Those who know of her work already, will fondly remember the hand sewn A5 versions she produces. Earth wisdoms keeps to the author's environmental ethics, being produced on chlorine-free recycled paper. It is a delight to read a manual of projects to reconnect with the earth and its nature. From growing trees from cuttings, to making staffs and Ogham sticks, she also shares ideas for the seasons, ritual and more practical ventures.

The Author writes from an angle of actually doing rather that just writing about her subject, and this shows though in the down to earth presentation (no pun intended). Those who like Glennie's artwork will not be disappointed, it is generously sprinkled through out this book. Her distinctive line and black work are exceptional. Even with modern production this book still retains it's homespun charm. Please lets have more like this"
- John Randall - Pentacle magazine.


"Everything about this book screams nature. From the earthy colours of the cover, to the chunky woodcut illustrations, to the overtly unbleached paper to the simple rustic hand written type used throughout. It's a book that's probably safe to eat and feels nice to thumb though.

Glennie Kindred's writing style is less about loading you with facts and more about getting you to slow down long enough to be inspired. The facts are relevant, interesting and well chosen and the writing style is very comfortable. The book equivalent of a well-worn sofa with big plump cushions. It's the kind of book you can curl up with at the end of a long day when you don't want to think too much but still want to learn.

The book manages to cover everything - from herbalism to earth cycles to healing energies to folklore and superstition - together with good practical exercises and things you can try at home. For newcomers trying to get started in the subject, it's heartily recommended"
- Prediction magazine.


"A beautiful and gentle book for any with a sense of how our actions impact the earth, affecting the balance of nature. It serves as a reminder of the intelligence in all life and includes ways of experiencing the cycles of the season and our relationship with nature. In urging us to take positive action, Earth Wisdom is more than a comforting read; it's a call to follow your own personal spiritual and intuitive wisdom. Complete with enchanting illustrations, this is precisely what it says on the cover - a heart-warming mixture of the spiritual, the practical and the proactive" - Elizabeth Holmes - Brainwave Books.


"Glennie's books are always a joy and this one is no exception, it's a rich harvest from Glennie's already published books - and heaps more of course. Chapters about the Celtic festivals, designing ceremonies, crafts, sacred landscapes, folklore tree wisdom, meditations and practical exercises for a deepening relationship with the Earth. This is essentially about spiritual activism and our essential yet still neglected connectedness - the more we allow the beauty of nature to tough our hearts, the more deeply we feel the urge to nurture and protect it! There is such a sizzle of enthusiasm and passion and wisdom expressed here, you cannot fail to respond." - The Goddess And The Green Man - Glastonbury.


"Glennie Kindred has taken Nature, Love and Wisdom, and stirred well - the result is a truly lovely book. The first part explores earth wisdom and draws on both Celtic traditions and knowledge from Britain and Northern Europe. The second part of the book describes the festivals that mark the cycle of the year and provides practical ideas for making seasonal connection. For example, Glennie suggests you might like to make a Moon Garden - 'a place to sit in quiet contemplation and make a connection to the watery flow of your unconscious mind'. She suggests choosing silvery plants such as lavenders, silver thymes, sages and plants that will have white flowers that will glow in the moonlight.

Earth Wisdom contains information about herbs, flower essences, and lots about trees. Glennie explores the folklore, wisdom and uses of many trees, including Hazel, Rowan, Ash and Holly. She encourages us to express our creative power and connect with our potential for change and Love. The appendix includes references for inspirational reading, magazines, publications and networking solutions. All in all a beautiful book - Highly recommended." - Juno magazine.


"There are many forms of nature-based spirituality. Some people choose to follow initiatory pagan paths such as wicca or druidry, other prefer to find their own ways to connect with nature.

Earth Wisdomby artist, healer and teacher Glennie Kindred is aimed at those who perhaps don't want to sign up to any structured pagan religion, but nevertheless want to celebrate the changing seasons and honour the Earth in harmony with the phases of the moon and cycles of the sun. It shows how to do this in a way that is spiritual, but not overtly religious.

It is a lovely book, with gentle words and delightful pictures, that takes the reader on a journey to meet the spirits of the land, the plants and trees. It begins by explaining that all things are connected; that we are part of nature and can affect change on our environment.

Publisher Hay House says on its website: "This beautiful and inspirational guidebook from Glennie Kindred teaches us how to work with the natural cycles of the year. Comprehensive and accessible, it is an invaluable source of information for anyone wanting to learn more about tree lore, Celtic festivals, the five elements, Moon energies or simply how to make a deeper connection with the Earth."

Although it is aimed at beginners, plenty of those who already have some experience of paganism will still be able to learn a thing or two from this book.

Sections explaining such things as how to meditate, how to dowse and how to do traditional crafts including broom-making and willow-weaving are interspersed with chapters on lore associated with trees. The trees Glennie concentrates on are those associated with the Ogham – an early Irish system of divination and communication using the symbolism of different types of wood, that is also used by today's druids.

Through learning about trees and their mythology, symbolism and healing properties, we can become both more aware of the living world around us and connect with the beliefs of our ancestors.

The second half of Earth Wisdom takes the reader through the Wheel of the Year - the cycle of festivals for spring, summer, autumn and winter, including such things as Samhain and the Winter Solstice, that most modern pagans follow. The book suggests seasonal celebrations, suitable for people of all paths and faiths, and also ceremonies to connect with the Earth in a more spiritual sense.

But Earth Wisdom is more than just a lovely beginner's guide to nature spirituality, it is also a call to awaken our awareness of environmental issues. It reminds us that we can each help to protect the natural world we live in through our words, our deeds and our beliefs.

Hay House says on its website: "Our relationship to the Earth has changed. We have become more aware of how our actions can affect the balance of nature. Earth Wisdom is a potent reminder to appreciate the natural vitality, unity and intelligence of all life... This book inspires us to restore our own connections to the Earth, encouraging us to follow our own personal spirituality and intuitive wisdom. In so doing, it increases our potential for creating positive change in our lives and in the world!"
- The Bad Witch's Blog


"This book manages to cover everything - from herbalism to earth cycles to healing energies to folklore - together with good practical exercises and things you can try at home. For newcomers trying to get started in the subject, it's heartily recommended." - Prediction magazine


"Excellent, in depth Work: This is one of the best books out there for those working with the cycles of the seasons, and how they relate to the spirit of the trees. Ms. Kindred incorporates wisdom and sensitivity to the cycles of the earth. I highly recommend it for those following an earth based spirituality. It is well worth it, and should be on the shelf for continued reference." - Hedgetiggy