The Earth's Cycle of Celebration

Revised and rewritten with some great new illustrations this is a much-loved best selling book.

It is for anyone wishing to celebrate the changing rhythms and seasons of the Earth and her cycles. It provides a simple and clear guide to understanding the underlying energy of the Celtic Wheel of the Year and each of the 8 Celtic festivals, looking at how they were celebrated and understood in the past, the underlying changing energy of the Earth and ways we may use this energy to create meaningful celebrations today.

This book encourages you to find ways to be part of, and work with, the underlying energy available, working in harmony with the Earth and the Moon cycles. It offers many suggestions for creating sacred space and creative ceremony and for working energetically with the 5 Elements of life: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

The book follows the years cycle through each Celtic festival and is full of creative and empowering ideas for celebrating alone or with family and friends.

ISBN 0-9532227-3-X
First Published 1994
Revised Edition 2002


Price £7.50 + £2.90 postage - UK ONLY. 60 pages.



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"A beautiful little guide to what to do to celebrate the four major solar festivals as well as the four cross-quarter days of the year. Glennie explains the underlying energy of each festival with great insight and gives suggestions of different ceremonies and meditations that can be carried out to mark each turning point whether you are in a group or alone. If you haven't seen one of Glennie's books before you are in for a pleasant surprise, they are beautiful. Each one is entirely handwritten , in luscious colour, simply bound, and illustrated throughout with her wonderful drawings. The best part about them though is Glennie herself, whose voice permeates the text with gentle wisdom, deep intuition and encouragement to affirm your own connectedness to Nature." - Walnut Books


"Delighful homespun production following the seasonal wheel of the year and the 8 Celtic festivals, graced with her own wondrous script and drawings" - Green Spirit Books


"This is a small yet beautiful book, with wonderful illustrations by the author giving simple and meaningful ways to celebrate the cycle of the year through ritual" - The Druid Network