Earth Alchemy

An exciting fusion of the ancient art of alchemy and the 8 Celtic festivals.

Here the ancient healing art of Alchemy is brought into a fresh clear light of understanding that is relevant to our present age and time. Each of the alchemical processes is easily accessed through the natural alchemy of transformation inherent in the Earth and her seasonal cycles. Each of the Celtic Earth Festivals is linked to each of the alchemical processes and to the 5 Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

The alchemist's Gold, the Philosophers Stone and the Elixir of Life are understood as aspects of our search for Unity and wholeness, and encourages a new transformational shift into 'Unity Consciousness'. This creates many beneficial changes to the way we relate to the world around us and with the Earth.

Earth Alchemy is also a journal account of her journey through the year's cycle, with ways that she uses the energy of each of the alchemical processes and the flow of the seasonal cycles to create personal transformation and to deepen her understanding of herself and her subtle relationship to the world around her.

The book is full of practical ideas that encourage us to be open to our own inner world and experiences, and to work with the power of change and transformation in our lives, to bring healing to ourselves and our relationship with the Earth.

292 pages. ISBN: 978-1-78180-234-2
Published 2013 (and as Alchemists Journey 2005)
Also published and distributed by Hay House in the United States of America, Australia, the Republic of South Africa and distributed in Canada.


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"I am here to talk about the release of the updated edition of her book The Alchemists Journey, which is now entitled Earth Alchemy. It is a beautifully illustrated magical book that explores the link between the ancient healing art of alchemy and the energy that is inherent in each of the eight Celtic festivals. It is a practical guide that will resonate well with any one who wants to commune more closely with the natural world. From her own experiences, Glennie Kindred guides us on a journey of discovery that uses the seasonal and alchemical shifts to help us experience personal transformation - to find our own gold, which is the source of our healing and our happiness" - Claire Gilliam - Extract from interview by Claire Gilliam, Editor of Kindred Spirit Magazine. To read the full article, click here or on the image above.

"In this account of 12 months in her life, much-loved author Glennie Kindred explores the powerful fusion of alchemy with the eight Celtic festivals, and shows us how to tap in to the natural energy of transformation inherent in the earth's cycles. Full of practical ideas to encourage us to be open to the power of transformation, and written in an inspiring and accessible style, this book brings the ancient alchemical processes into a fresh, clear light. Glennie shows us how each season is an opportunity to develop, adapt, and experience ourselves in a new way. This inspires us to unlock the love that brings healing to ourselves and our relationship to the earth. She reveals how we can find this true alchemical gold and become a powerful force for positive change in the world." - Hay House Publishers

"Glennie Kindred is one of those rare understated experts who is supremely knowledgeable about her field of Earth traditions and yet who is modest and understated." - Kindred Spirit

"An informative, profound, yet simple to understand approach, to the expansive subject of Alchemy." Paradigm Shift

"Dare I say it but.... this is my FAVORITE BOOK of the MONTH...Possibly even the YEAR. It's filled with awesome stuff and you will be missing out on some much gorgeousness if you leave this book on the shelf." -

"Fantastic. Enlightening, comforting, such wisdom. Glennie brings such hope for healing the Earth through learning how to live in harmony with nature not against it" - A.E. Bierne

"A Beautiful Book. This is a revised edition of Glennie Kindred's original The Alchemist's Journey. Glennie successfully fuses the ancient healing art of alchemy with earth magic and the Celtic festivals. The book is beautifully produced with Glennie's lovely line drawings as illustrations and a stunning green and gold cover. The heavy stock paper adds to the quality this book, making it an ideal gift or treat for yourself. For those familiar with Glennie's writings, you will not be disappointed. Her friendly manner, easy to understand explainations and clear style, are always a joy to read. Her experiences with chemical reactions in alchemy, which she translates into a wholeness and well being metaphor, is both unique and inspirational. As the seasons turn, Glennie takes us on a charming journey into her world, and fill us with the desire to know more, and experiment ourselves. I particularly like her diary entries and the activities she undertakes to mark the Celtic festivals - make flower essences, planting spring bulbs and cutting wands for example. All in all, a great read and a great buy." - Vate Pathfollower

"As ever, a book by Glennie Kindred is a special treat. I love her words of wisdom and I am grateful that she works to help people reconnect to Nature." - Terri Conroy

"Enlightening, uplifting, reassuring and just plain magical." - Stardancer