Herbal Healers

Herbs are some of the oldest known healers, long used by humans for their beneficial properties and subtle and effective healing. In this beautifully illustrated book, visionary artist-healer Glennie Kindred shares her wide experience of kitchen and garden herb-lore.

It includes 21 familiar healing herbs, advice on gathering, storing and preparation of herbs for internal and external use and many useful first aid remedies for use direct from the plants.

It includes the metaphysical uses of each herb, has additional tree remedies and an extremely useful repertory at the back.

Full page circular line drawings of the herbs on every page.

58 pages. ISBN 1-904263-01-1
First Published 1999
Revised 2006


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The wild plants and herbs of our land have long been used for their medical properties. They are our inherent connection to nature and aid our own effective ability and power to help ourselves when we are ill, instead of relying on costly, harsh, chemically produced drugs, which often have harmful side effects. Herbal remedies have been verified by modern scientific methods to have effective and deep acting properties.

Working with herbs is a participatory process from growing the herbs in your garden, or collecting herbs from the wild, to drying the herbs and making herbal preparations. Gardening takes on a new dimension as you harvest your 'weeds' for future medication, add helpful herbs to salads, or concoct your own herb teas. You can, of course, buy the ready dried herbs and herbal preparations from your local health shop.

I have chosen familiar, common and easy to recognise herbs, which can be used safely for a variety of common ailments and First Aid situations. Choose to work with the herbs you are naturally drawn towards, tuning into the plant and its subtle energy. Knowledge will grow as you use the herbs as a system and as you try things out and observe the results for yourself. However, should the symptoms persist or worsen, a trained medical herbalist or doctor should be consulted.

Derbyshire 2002



Also known as Garden Thyme, Mother of Thyme, Thymus (from old Greek, meaning courage and also 'to fumigate'). Harvest the leaves together with the purple flowers from June to September.

The calming antiseptic qualities of Thyme make it a valuable tonic for the whole system. Make an infusion of the leaves for all digestive complaints including inflammation of the liver, nervous indigestion, flatulence, bad breath and hangovers. It is particularly good for kidney infections, stimulating white blood cell production to resist infection. An anti-fungal, use regularly for candida and thrush.

Thyme helps expel mucus from the lungs, purging the body of phlegm. Use for bronchitis, tonsillitis, pleurisy, septic sore throats, ear infections and dry irritating coughs. Used internally as well as externally it promotes perspiration in fevers, lowers the temperature and quickly cleanses the body. It will relieve insomnia and calm night fears. Add to the bath to throw off lethargy and chills.

Externally use a hot fomentation for abscesses, boils and all swellings. Use in the bath to alleviate the pains of rheumatism and all muscular pain. Use as a lotion for itchy skin and hives.

Thyme brings courage, inner strength and a stronger purpose. Use to attract good health and remove all sorrows from the past.

Antiseptic - Lungs - Liver - Kidneys - Digestive tonic Candida - Sore throats - Ear infections - Fevers Abscesses - Muscular pain



Other names for Rosemary include Polar Plant, Compass Weed, Rosmarine (rose of the sea), Incensier, Romero and The Pilgrims Flower. The small purple flowers can be collected and used with the dark needly leaves from May to September.

Rosemary leaves strengthen the heart and increase circulation. Drink the infusion as a preventative against hardening of the arteries. It helps with cold limbs, poor circulation and chilblains. It will raise low blood pressure.

Use as a stimulant for the whole system, when the body is sluggish or lethargic, and when there is a lack of concentration and a poor memory due to feeling cold. It is good for all nervous tensions and for headaches due to gastric disturbances and general debility. It is a liver and digestive remedy, relieving flatulence, colic and indigestion, and will help the body digest fatty or rich foods. Externally it may be used to ease muscular pains, neuralgia, on wounds, bites and stings, as an insecticide and as a hair rinse.

Rosemary lets joy and love into the heart, dispelling grief, anger, hatred and bitterness. It strengthens, warms and stimulates. A symbol of love and loyalty which also enhances creativity.

Warning: Do not take during pregnancy with high blood pressure.

Nervous system - Heart and circulation Digestion and liver - Muscle pains - Blood pressure Headaches - Wounds - Hair tonic - Insecticide




"A wonderful little book, well worth the money: This book is written in Glennie Kindred's usual fascinating style, with lovely black and white line illustrations throughout. It features sections on around 20 different herbs and their uses, and also has a section on different ways of administering herbs, dosage, collecting and drying herbs and a list of common ailments and herbs that can be used to treat them. I would definately give this book 5 stars, and would probably do the same for any of her other books. It is a source of constant amazement to me that she manages to pack so much information into such a small book!" - A.

"Good book, very easy to follow. The instructions about collecting and drying the herbs and making the remedies are at the beginning of the book. The rest of the book contains detailed information about each of the plants, including what they are good for. It's very easy to follow, and once you know the basics (dosing, preparation, etc)you can just dip into the book as necessary." - Jodieon

"Very helpful, we forget that in this day of age how much h is naturally around us that can be of good use. this is a very good hand book" - Ms SH

"Love this little book with great tips and ideas. Just what I have been looking for. Well explained and well laid out. I am excited about commencing using the herbs suggested." - D. Youngon