Creating Ceremony

Written in collaboration with Lula Garner, this hand written, hand sewn book is fully illustrated with Glennie's line drawings.

A self help straight forward and practical guide to creating ceremonies for all occasions, to mark and honour any event or special moment in your life. These include pregnancy blessingways, baby welcoming, marriages and handfastings, funerals, any rite of passage such as entering puberty or menopause, preparing for a new start in life, letting go of the old and releasing the past, calling in the changes you wish for, moving on, divorce, retirement, honouring any special moment in your life.

The book covers space clearing, protection, opening and closing a ceremony, grounding exercises, casting a circle, meditations and visualisations, moon cycles, healing, cleansing, blessings, symbolic plantings and dedications, anointing, dance, using the voice, making sacred objects and more. This book also explores opportunities in you daily life to use ritual and ceremony for deepening your spiritual connection and dealing with life's changes.

ISBN 0-9532227-4-8
First Published 2002


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"In our increasingly secular, commercialised world, the loss of ritual and ceremony has resulted in a sense of emptiness and a yearning for meaning that, for many, conventional religion fails to address. In the 'alternative' world, new rituals and ceremonies are flourishing - often a synthesis of early practices of the 'old religion', shamanism and a celebration of the New Age. Ceremonies performed well do indeed create meaning and open doorways. Psychotherapists will attest to the value of ritual for individuals - to mark tires of passage, to invoke the positive and to let go of the negative - and groups enjoy their power to transform and create community glue.

Glennie Kindred's hand sewn books, beautifully illustrated by herself, have a special way of encouraging us to enter the heart of experience. The Earth Cycles of Celebration introduced many to the rituals of the Celtic year, The Sacred Tree described the underlying energies, myths and legends of 13 native British tress and how to connect to them, and The Tree Ogham presented the Celtic system of tree divination, a method used by the ancient Druids to encode their wisdom.

Creating Ceremony is the fourth in the series and is co-authored with Lu Garner, a celebrant and spiritual healer. It offers ideas for people with no formal religion to gather together and honour special events like births, deaths, marriages, baby naming, beginnings, endings and ceremonies for special accomplishments, dispelling blocks transformation, healing the cycles of the Earth and blessings.

Creating Ceremony offers simple guidelines for creating special connection and inspiration for creating positive change. It helps unite people in a common purpose and is full of ideas and commonsense advice. I recently used some of the ideas in a workshop and can sincerely recommend it." - Maddy Harland - Permaculture magazine


"This is another of those very beautiful handwritten, richly illustrated, and hand-stitched little books created by Glennie Kindred over the past several years. This time she teams up with Lu Garner and together they pool their experience and understanding of creating ceremonies, which they have been doing for the past 10 years. This is a lovely little book, packed with inspiring ideas for ceremony, ritual and celebration, its aim is to empower the reader to mark the special moments of life, reclaiming our right to find our own ways to make sacred connections. It covers a general introduction, description of various Rites of Passage, and gives many suggestions as to how to plan and shape your own rituals. It also includes instructions for making sacred objects and preparing a shrinal altar and sacred space. As the book points out, and I whole-heartedly agree: 'Anything can be a ritual, everyday actions can be transformed by the way that you do them. The connections that you make to the sacred will lift your spirits out of the mundane into a world of wonder, grace and power. Every day, aim to do something which brings Love and beauty into your life.'

If you're looking for ways to mark special times, and to celebrate, then this is a book filled with ideas brought from the authors' rich experience." - Spirit Song Magazine