Celebrating the Earth's cycles

Watkins Magazine - July 2004

By Glennie Kindred - www.glenniekindred.co.uk

Our world is changing. We are embracing a new global consciousness. This is the new 'we' consciousness, transforming the old 'us and them' mentality that has, up until now, held our world in conflict, fear and separation. It is inspiring people to stand together, knowing that our strength lies in this togetherness.

The choices we make in our personal lives shape and change the bigger picture. With every loving response, with every choice of where we put our energy, our time, and our money and by every individual act that is life affirming, we make a difference in the world. We are free from the old outworn systems of hierarchy, duality and competition, and we are choosing to take the path of Love and positive action. We are aware of the power inherent in all our acts of goodwill and kindness. We are learning to follow our hearts as well as our heads, our intuition as well as our rational minds. We are uniting in a grass roots spirituality that grows from our own experiences and understanding and is integrated into our everyday lives, relationships & actions. This is our joyful voyage of discovery, our delightful rebellion and our profoundly exhilarating act of adaptation. It is a potent evolutionary shift, having as much survival value and significance as any physical transformation. We are creating change, and together we are changing the world.

We are increasingly inspired to follow our intuition, our own spiritual path, our creative solutions and other inspired act of genius. It is grounded in the wisdom of nature, and reclaims some of the old understandings from our distant past. I am interested in how these can be adapted and integrated into our present shift in consciousness, embracing the holistic understanding that all things are interconnected vital parts of a whole, that we are all equally important, and we all have the ability to change and to Love.

I explore my connection to the Earth through the natural energy of the seasonal flow and the energy inherent in the waxing and waning cycles of the Sun & the Moon. I work with the framework of the 8 Celtic festivals: the Winter and Summer Solstices, the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes and in between each of these, the 4 festivals of Imbolc, Beltain, Lammas and Samhain. By understanding this flow, we can move in harmony with it, as true inhabitants of our planet Earth: belonging and changing, knowing when is the best time to rest, when is the best time to incubate our dreams and visions, and when is the best time for action, to express ourselves out in the world. We can use the underlying energy of the Earth's cycles, to help us let go of the old and embrace the new, to transform and change in our own unique way.

I intuitively explore the underlying energy of each season and create ways to connect to this through simple ceremony, getting out into nature, spending meditative time alone and meeting up with others.

In my books I share the many ritual and ceremony ideas I have found to work well, including ideas for open family and community celebrations as well as for deeper levels of transformative ceremony, which come from working alone or in a small committed group. All the ideas have come from many years of working in this way. They encourage communication - with the Earth, with each other and with our-selves. They encourage our ability to change, to reach for what we want, to co-create, to celebrate the Earth and to be open to other levels of reality.

Each festival is an opportunity for positive actions and Earth based activities that are specific to, or enhanced by, the time of year. These help us to connect to the Earth on many different levels, to support loving, life-affirming initiatives and creative solutions, and to integrate our spirituality into our everyday lives.

Each festival also has its own native tree (see my books Sacred Tree and Earth Wisdom) whose message enhances our deepening integration with nature and the trees.

Celebrating the Earth's cycles encourages us to become proactive in our relationship with the Earth and to become part of a growing global community prepared to bring positive change into the world. We are living in extraordinary times and I am open to the exciting possibility that a miracle is happening as we experience a collective shift in consciousness that is creating a more loving and caring world in which we can grow.

We are the change and together we are making a difference!