Spring Equinox

Extract from Sacred Earth Celebrations

By Glennie Kindred - www.glenniekindred.co.uk

Day and night are of equal length all over the world. In the Northern Hemisphere we still celebrate it as the first day of Spring. The days are getting longer and warmer now and the nights are getting shorter. This is a festival of balance: the balance of light and dark, the balance of the Sun's active energy in the day and the Moon's receptive energy at night; the balance of the inner world and the outer world; the balance of the conscious Fire energy with the forces of the watery unconscious. Here at the Equinox we can look at and work towards this balance within ourselves. This will bring change and healing as we move into new understanding and new actions.

Oestre, the Goddess of Light, brings fertility with the Spring. This is the root of the word 'oestrus', the time in an animals sexual cycle when it is fertile and oestrogen, the hormone that stimulates ovulation, is produced. The Church overlaid this festival with Easter and its theme of rebirth and resurrection from death. It's timing is based on the old lunar calendar: the first Sunday after the first full Moon after the Spring Equinox, formerly the pregnant phase of Oestre passing into the fertile season.

The pagan tradition celebrates the spring maiden and the ardent young male at this time. Their union makes all of nature fertile. The sexually potent young woman of the spring equinox is balanced with the sexually potent young man. Here we can make contact with their archetypal energy within ourselves. We need to balance this energy within ourselves regardless of gender. It is the energy and power of the rational conscious mind when joined with the energy and power of the intuition and inner wisdom, which brings fertility and manifestation. This is the union, which brings forth new life on many levels

As we step into the active phase of the year, remember to balance the rational, logical mind with instinct and intuition. We have laid such importance on our logical minds, that we have become used to ignoring our intuition. Learn to listen, to trust, and to act on your inner wisdom and bring your whole self back into balance.

The Underlying Energy of the Spring Equinox

Everything in nature is coming alive and awakening. The Sun is gaining strength and the days are longer and warmer. Blossom and catkins are on the trees, buds are bursting, seeds are germinating, Spring flowers appear, eggs are hatching and all the animals are preparing to have their young. Everywhere is evidence of life's ability to regenerate.

The energy is turning from the dark depths of Winter and the inner world, to an outward manifestation of the conscious world. It is time to throw off the restraints of Winter and the cold, and reach out for what it is we want for ourselves and the world.

It is a time of rain and sunshine, the mingling of the Elements of Fire and Water, Spring gales, high tides, feelings of wildness and chaos.

Run wild in the wind and celebrate life's fertility. We are breaking out and moving forwards. We feel empowered to take risks, strike out on our own, make things happen. It is a time to begin new ventures, make plans and make journeys.

An egg can be balanced on its end today. The balance of the Earth’s energy is now blended: Light with Dark, conscious with unconscious, Fire with Water. Here is the union of power, which brings fertility and manifestation. This is the spark of the life-force. This is the Dance of Life - interdependent complementary parts of one energy system, which we can embrace on our journey to become whole.

Spring Equinox Celebrations

Be outside today, wrap up warm if it's cold, enjoy the Elements, the wind and the rain and the sunshine. Rejoice in them! Celebrate the end of Winter, be a Mad March hare, run wild and be expansive. Look for the arrival of Spring everywhere.

Whether you are celebrating with friends or on your own, choose a wild and powerful place to go today, somewhere where the Earth's energy runs strong, where serpent or dragon paths can be felt. Experiment with your ability to dowse these energies.

Share a special breakfast with friends before setting out to spend the day outside together.

Make a shrine to honour the awakening Earth. Place on it Spring flowers, bulbs growing in pots, blossom, catkins and pussy Willow. Represent the 5 Elements in ways that reflects the Equinox. Burn lavender to welcome the Spring, hang cloths of yellow and green.

Make time to meditate with the trees, especially if a particular tree draws you towards it. Put your back against its trunk, feel it's life-force energy and be open to receiving impressions and inner understanding from the tree. Greet the Dryad, the spirit of the tree.

Greet the nature spirits of flowers and herbs. Communication is greatly enhanced if you are open to their existence. Be open to communication from faerie and you may have a surprise. This ancient race far from the Victorian image of pretty winged nymphs, are a shape shifting people, rarely seen but sometimes felt, often near.

If you are gathered with a group begin by making a circle holding hands and then walk a spiral towards a centre, chanting an easy meditative walking chant. When you get to the centre and are tight together share with each other what the Spring Equinox means to you and each say "May the Spring Equinox bring..." when this has reached it's natural end and all has been said, take up each others hands and the chant and the person leading the spiral turns its direction outward again to bring the group back into a circle.

Seed meditation for renewal and self healing. Imagine you are a seed full of life. Plant the seed of yourself in the warm earth and water it gently until it begins to open. Feel your roots growing and reaching down into the earth, drinking all the nutrients. Feel the shoot unfold into the air, your leaves, unfold soaking up the Suns rays. All that you need is given - for growing, for your wellbeing. You are in radiant health.

Plant the seeds of yourself and look at where you're going now. Affirm your most positive wishes. Connect to your life-force. Ask your spirit guides and helpers for direction and remain open to receiving these messages.

Honour the Earth and the fertility of all life; the animals, the birds, the fish and the insect world, the great abundance of life and flowers, the herbs for medicine, and all the food growing for us to eat. Honour the balance of the Sun and the Moon, the male and the female and the power of their union.

Pass an egg or imaginary egg around the circle, each focusing on what they have been incubating since the autumn and wish to bring out into the world. This is the fertile time. Being aware of your direction will greatly enhance the outcome. Share your thoughts with each other if you want to, before passing the egg on to the next person. At the end place the egg or imaginary egg on the shrine.

Begin new ventures now, enhance your understanding of fertility and balance. Break away from old outworn ideas. If you are a man find ways to embrace your inner woman. If you are a woman find ways to embrace your inner man.

Positive affirmations are positive repetitive statements said in the present tense. They act like a meditative mantra and will break negative thought patterns that are no longer serving you. These may have been built up over the years and can actually begin to manifest as physical illnesses. Use the Equinox to look at areas of imbalance in yourself and use positive affirmations to help rebuild positive thought patterns for the future.

Decorate eggs, either hard-boiled or blown. Hard-boiled eggs can be rolled down a hill or eaten for breakfast. Special decorated eggs can be given as gifts to each other.

Plant seeds of herbs or flowers for medicine. Each bring a packet of seeds and a tray of compost. Share the seeds around so each has a variety of useful plants.

There is a tradition of decorating hats with ribbons and spring flowers at the spring Equinox (Easter bonnets).

Make all kinds of things to fly in the wind, using basket makers willow, streamers of crepe paper, wool and ribbons and run with them in the wind. Make prayer flags and prayer sticks, writing positive affirmations on to the material and ribbons and attaching them to sticks to stand in the wind, sending your prayers and messages out into the world. Fly dragon flags, dragon kites, make dragon masks, which can be attached to long sticks with streamers to fly from the mask.

Have a dragon procession with a dragon you have made.

Dance to celebrate the first day of Spring.

Begin by imagining yourself curled up inside an egg or seed. You are your egg or seed space. This is your world in the dark; growing life; incubating your plans; waiting. Feel the life force growing within you. Feel the new you who is waiting to be born into the light, into action, who will become manifest. As you begin to move outwards and break out of your shell or seed case, take with you your most positive intent. Breathe new life into yourself as you break through into a new phase of your life. Celebrate and dance this power and energy. Celebrate being alive. Celebrate the balance of the world within and the world without.