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I hope that you will enjoy your visit into my world. Here you can — buy some of my books, prints and postcards, (Thank you for buying direct from me) — read or sign up for my intermittent newsletters — visit my month by month native plants and trees blogs — or download useful information and articles. I am happy to share my work but I ask that you always credit me and my website with any material that you use.



I am an artist and a writer, and it is my good fortune to have eleven books currently published, all of which include my artwork. My books are practical and inspire the reader to self-empowerment. They explore the wild edges of our relationship with the Earth through our native plants and trees, tree lore, herbalism, Earth wisdom, alchemy, celebrating the Earth's cycles and creating heartfelt ceremony. I am also the editor and co-creator of the yearly publication, the Earth Pathways diary.

About me

I love all the simple things of life... Being with my dear family and good friends, spending lots of time outside, sensitively gardening my wild garden and walking the land. I love being at home, cooking good organic food and making medicines from the plants around me. I am passionate about our astonishing and wondrous Earth-home and all our beautiful native plants and trees... At present, I am learning to sit and be... to absorb the quiet medicine and teachings of the plants, the trees and the Earth, and absorb nature's seasonal beauty as it unfolds around me...

Photo by Aimee V


My New Book

I am very focused on my new book, which is all about our relationship with our native trees. It is also about being an Earth-Activist, and how we can tap into the wisdom of trees to help us to stay stable, grounded and be effectively active in both the outer world and the inner. I am learning from them and evolving, as I spend more time with them, drawing and painting them and using their medicine in many different ways. Each species is within walking distance of my home, so I am with them in all seasons, in different weathers and at different times of the day or night. It is a deep and powerful journey... and the book is unfolding and growing with the help of the trees themselves...